4 strokes teach you easily distinguish between true and false quartz stone

Many families in the decoration cabinets and other hard and fast requirements of the higher parts of the home, often choose not to spend, with not old, burning quartz stone as the main board, but the market is currently on the market, the quality of quartz stone, consumers often do not know where to start. The following Xiaobian teach to teach you how to identify true and false quartz stone, to avoid being cheated.

Quartz stone countertops, is a by the small stone in the synthesis of new technology of artificial stone, the color diversity, with natural stone texture and gloss. Quartz stone is a free of radioactive pollution, can be repeated use of environmental protection, green building new interior decoration materials, so it is widely used in the field of kitchen countertops, vanity units, kitchen walls, tables, coffee table, window, door, etc..

The surface of the quartz stone is shiny and beautiful is after 30 multi-channel complex polishing treatment, even after a long time of use, the surface with new mesa like bright. The real quartz stone table has the characteristics of high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature, etc., that is, the use of a knife and other tools, the surface will not be scratched. It also has excellent corrosion resistance to the kitchen and other acid and alkali, also have other man-made stone, such as table can not match the high temperature characteristics.

Quartz, the higher the content of quartz, the lower the amount of resin, the better the quality, the more close to the more natural it is not easy to deformation. When the content of the resin in the quartz stone is more than 10%, it can't be called the true quartz stone. In the confused products, how to the stand or fall of differential quartz stone countertops, buy genuine quartz stone products is particularly important. How to distinguish between true and false quartz stone, to become a master, can be detected according to the characteristics of quartz.

one: with hydrochloric acid and other immersion test

In order to maximize profits, some manufacturers will be in the raw material of quartz stone mesa doped calcium carbonate. The content of calcium carbonate reacts with the acid, if you buy the table, later used, it is easy to change the table. Therefore, when you buy, you can have a sample, which will be placed in dilute hydrochloric acid or other acid liquid, if the product contains calcium carbonate, it will react with the acid.

Two: the test of the permeability

High quality quartz stone material surface and internal structure of the same meticulous and uniform, so the water absorption is low, resistance to penetration, and production equipment and technology behind the imitation products quartz stone is often limited to appearance, but the internal structure is porous, weak resistance, water absorption, permeability. Buy, you can pour the sauce on the quartz stone table test to see whether the infiltration, the poor quality of quartz stone table 1 days on the color, quality is not.

Three: the use of knife to check the wear resistance

The main component of the quartz stone table is silicon dioxide, the hardness is the highest, the quartz crystal and the resin synthesis in the market, generally the quartz content is about 93%. Therefore, the possibility of its fracture is very small, it is relatively resistant to wear. False quartz stone resin content is high, the surface hardness is relatively low, it is easy to scratch. The purchase, can use the knife on the table and try to make sure.

Four: heat resistance with fire

Poor quality of quartz stone resin content is too high, heat resistance will be reduced. Therefore, you can use this, to burn the sample with a lighter, and then see if there is a trace.

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How to identify the pros and cons of quartz stone

1, hardness, surface Mohs hardness of 7, simple detection method for with iron spikes extrusion observation failure situation, do not scratch.

2, high temperature: high temperature 300 DEG C. Use a stainless steel cup filled with boiling water for 30 minutes without changing color. Or put on a quartz stone with a burning cigarette.

3, look for the quartz stone positive trademark.

4, environmental protection: can provide the authority of the detection of green environmental protection certification.

5, fire resistance: 10 mm x 30 mm quartz strips put on fire won't burn.

6, acid and alkali resistant: 3% hydrochloric acid solution or 100g / L citric acid solution, 30g / L sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide solution surface erosion surface, no obvious change.

7, water absorption rate: less than 0.04%, sprinkle a little water color was observed after 24 hours without white in quartz surface.

8, high quality quartz stone does not contain residual solvent, no pungent chemical odor.

9, high quality quartz stone on the back are printed with the computer security printing (i.e. you choose the color stone table number or code).

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